Within the security area we are doing Firewalls and End-Point Security.
Experience with couple of vendors. We are not fully dedicated VAR of a vendor but we have our preferences based on price/quality.
As most customers have tight budget we look what is possible and still get best security solution.



Kerio Control
We have years of experience with Kerio Control as we were several years certified reseller of Kerio products. Kerio Control is easy to manage and has possibility to connect with Microsoft Active Directory or Apple Open Directory. Control supports IPsec and Native VPN (Client), reverse proxy, Web Application Filter, Antivirus, Geo-blocking, IDS/IPS and HA.
Kerio Control comes as hardware or software appliance. With the software we are also able to make customer Kerio Control appliance.

PfSense logo Logo OPNsense

Both are Open Source based system. OPNsense is a fork of PFsense and made by a Dutch company.
It is other GUI layout but most of the functionalities are the same.
Like Kerio Control is this kind of firewall also to get in hardware or software appliance.
The advantage of OPN/PF is the fact that the basic UTM Firewall can have more extra functionalities by installing plugin’s.
Other UTM/Firewall solutions
ICT and Me has experience with other brands like Cisco ASA, Sophos, Watchguard, etc,


End-point security

Is an End-point security product originated from Germany where it has been for several years in the top 5 products. Avira has 30+ years of experience in End-point security. They also have 500Mb monthly free VPN for lot of platforms. Supported platforms are Windows, Linux, Mac/iPad/iPhone and Android.

Is an End-point security product originated from Czech Republic and together with Avira in Germany for several years in top 5 products. Avast has also VPN solution like Avira only there is no free variant of it.
Supported platforms are Windows, Mac/iPad/iPhone and Android. There is NO Linux support.


Is a security product manufacture originated from the UK and already for 30+ years on the market.
Thru the years Sophos grown from Antivirus protection to full security manufacture.
Their portfolio has end-point protection but also firewalls, those firewalls they acquire from other companies with very good reputation. The end-point protection is only or Windows and Mac in home solutions. Business portfolio has also products for mobile devices but still no Linux support.

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