ICT and Me

Company founded by Carlo Turk on 1 November 2008.
After having 20 years of experience, started Carlo the company with the idea to do it differently. Customer comes first.
So instead being a reseller of the mayor brands like Cisco, Microsoft, etc., "ICT and Me" look for solutions that is good and within customer budget.

Philosophy of "ICT and Me" is working/thinking from the customer point of view.

  • What customer wants?
    What are wishes and specific cases
  • What is the customer budget?
    How much has he customer to spend on the IT wishes/requirements?
  • Advise the customer as good as possible.
    Customer is owner of their ICT solution.

With this in mind will "ICT and Me" always looking for solutions that has Enterprise look and feel but is affordable for the customer.

The name "ICT and Me" was created in a group of people whom start their own company. "ICT and Me" was the first created.
ICT is of course clear. Information Communication Technology.
But why "and Me"

  1. and Me ! . Point of view of the person or staff within the company that have passion with their profession.
  2. and Me ? . Point of view from the customer. What they have with ICT, in most companies ICT isn't core business.
    So ICT is not well implemented or maintained and that is the point where "ICT and Me" fills the gap.

When "ICT and Me" was founded also "Finance and Me" was founded and some later also "Design and Me".
For all the founders of the "and Me" companies the vision was the same. Passion for the profession and filling that gap for customers.
Unfortunately founders of Finance and Design decide to stop with their companies after few years.

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