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is an American technology company founded in 2005 in San Jose, California. Ubiquiti focuses on the development of (wireless) network equipment. The company has made a conscious choice to invest in R&D instead of traditional marketing. This enables the company to provide high-quality equipment at a competitive price and provides an affordable alternative to the traditional, more expensive brands.


Ubiquiti UNIFI SDN


Secure Gateways

Powerful IT networking, simplified

UniFi Gateways/Firewall are in several models to get.
The oldest type's are the USG and USG Pro 4. For a short time there was also a USG XG.
Where the maximum speed on USG/USG Pro 4 is 1 Gbps, was it for USG XG  10 Gbps.

With the new generation the devices are called UDM (UniFi Dream Machine).
They are more than just a USG device. UDM have also UniFi Network controller.
UDM Pro is also recorder/controller for Security (Video), Access and Talk.

In near future there will be a new model to replace the USG Pro. UXG Pro (UniFi Next-Gen Gateway) with 10Gbps copper and fiber ports on both WAN and LAN.

Unifi UDM SW

 IDS/IPS Speedrate

ids ips speedate



Fully managed high-performance switching

Fully managed high-performance switching

Industry-leading user experience and value

Unifi UDM SW
  usw pro3a96a927


usw lite6be0a536

usw flex69c0695e
Compare  Switch Pro Switch Switch Lite Switch Flex
Enhanced SW features  V ---  ---  ---
Redundant Power Capable  V ---  ---  ---
SFP+ 10Gbps Uplink  V --- --- ---
60W PoE++ Support 1  V --- --- ---
Ultra-Quiet 1U Rack Mount  V V --- ---
1.3” Smart Display  V V --- ---
SFP Uplink --- V   ---
30W PoE+ Support 2 --- V V ---
Outdoor Installation Capable 3 ---   ---    V
POE-In Power ---  ---    V
15W PoE Support 4 ---   ---    V
Models  1 USW-Pro-48-POE  2 USW-48-POE  2 USW-Lite-16-PoE  3, 4 USW-Flex
   1 USW-Pro-24-POE  2 USW-24-POE  2 USW-Lite-8-PoE  USW-Flex-Mini
   USW-Pro-48  2 USW-16-POE    
   USW-Pro-24  USW-48    



 The standard for high-performance Wi-Fi

The standard for high-performance Wi-Fi

A thoughtfully designed product family

Ubiquiti UniFi has a very nice range of Access Point for every type of network.
From SoHo to Enterprise/Big stadions there is a Access Point solution.

And the pricing of the devices are from affordable up to more expensive.

Models   WiFi 6 Indoor Outdoor Mesh Speed 2.4Ghz Speed 5Ghz Users MIMO Wave 2 MU-MIMO Skins Sec. Eth. Port Advanced Security
nanoHD NO YES NO YES 300Mbps 1733Mbps 200+ 4x4 YES YES YES NO NO
HD NO YES YES YES 800Mbps 1733Mbps 500+ 4x4 YES YES NO YES NO
InWall HD NO YES NO YES 300Mbps 1733Mbps 200+ 4x4 YES YES YES YES NO
Basestation XG NO YES YES YES N/A (3) 1733Mbps 1500+ (3) 4x4 YES YES YES YES YES
FlexHD   NO YES YES YES 300Mbps 1733Mbps 200+ 4x4 YES YES NO NO NO
BeaconHD   NO YES NO YES 300Mbps 1733Mbps N/A 4x4 YES YES NO NO NO
U6 Lite   YES YES NO YES 300Mbps 1200Mbps 300+ 2x2 OFDMA YES YES YES NO NO
U6 LR   YES YES NO YES 600Mbps 2400Mbps 300+ 4x4 OFDMA YES YES NO NO NO
AC Pro   NO YES YES YES 450Mbps 1300Mbps 200+ 3x3 NO NO NO YES NO
AC LR   NO YES NO YES 450Mbps 867Mbps 200+ 3x3/2x2 NO NO NO NO NO
AC Lite   NO YES NO YES 300Mbps 867Mbps 200+ 2x2 NO NO NO NO NO
AC MESH    NO YES YES YES 300Mbps 867Mbps 200+ 2x2 NO NO NO YES NO
AC SHD   NO YES YES YES 800Mbps 1733Mbps 500+ 4x4  YES YES NO YES NO
AC InWall   NO YES NO YES 300Mbps 867Mbps 200+ 2x2 NO NO NO YES NO


 Building Bridge

Antenna Gain


Max. TX Power(EIRP)





2.4 GHz (BLE)

5 GHz

60 GHz


5 GHz

60 GHz






140 x 140 x 90 mm

376 g

2 dBi

10 dBi

17.2 dBi


25 dBm

32-36.5 dBm


48V, 0.32A Gb PoE

11W Max

56 N @

200 km/h


Simply scalable camera security
Simply scalable camera security
The platform designed for multi-camera deployments
 Security Cameras
 Bestsellers Image Horizontal Field of View Size Outdoor Rating Resolution Ethernet Wireless FPS Zoom Two-way Audio Night Vision
 G4 Pro  109.9°  ∅ 86 x
153 mm
IP67  4K (3840x2160)  V  X 50 FPS*  3x Optical
 X  V
 G3 Instant
 111.3°  74 x 44 x
43 mm
X Full HD (1920x1080)   X V  30 FPS  Digital
 64°  207 x 223.7 x
341.3 mm
 IP66  4K (3840x2160)  V X  50 FPS*  22x Optical
 G3 Flex    87° ∅ 107.5 x
4.88 mm 
Full HD (1920x1080)  V X 25 FPS   Digital
 G4 Bullet    86°  ∅ 75 x
140 mm
4MP (2688x1512) V X 48 FPS*    Digital
 X  X
* IR
 G4 Dome   102.4°  ∅ 109.2 x
64.5 mm 
4MP (2688x1512)   V X  48 FPS*  Digital
 V  V
 G4 Doorbell   160°   118.3 x 46.8 x
25.8 mm
 IPX4 HD (1600x1200)  X  V 45 FPS*   Digital




   Unifi Access


We don't deliver Ubiquiti UniFi Talk for some reasons.
This product is in our eyes not the best VoIP solution.
In our VoIP section on this site we have better solutions.

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