Who is Carlo Turk?

Born 1968, husband and father of two wonderful daughters.
Working in IT from 1988 and have seen several layers of IT but also different organization cultures.
Founded in 2008 "ICT and Me" on the day Carlo was 20 years in IT. "Strong believer, that IT is service."

Allround IT (Networking/VoIP) professional well known with Novell Netware, Microsoft and Linux (Debian / RHL) products. Very good knowledge of network firewalls, routing and switching.
And also highly developed in IP Telephony (VoIP) infrastructure and linking with DECT and Mobile networks in last nine years. Able to do design, reverse engineering, creating documentation/drawings of networks and team lead.


2020:                   Ubiquiti UNS (Unifi Network Specialist)
2018:                   AlienVault
2016 - present:  CCNA certification (LOI)
2013 - 2017:       Kerio Technology - Certified Operator Professional (VoIP), Certified Control Professional (Security/Firewall), Certified Connect Professional (Mail/Messaging).
2012 - present:  Chinese (Mandarin).
2009 - 2011:       Kerio Technology - Certified Security Professional, Professional Messaging, Sales Professional
2003 - 2008:       IT/ICT Bachelor Degree - System administrator (dual), Hogeschool of Utrecht
                             Started 3 September '03, stopped in early 2008

- MCP - Microsoft Windows XP
- Bachelor propaedeutic in IT/T


  • Maintaining Windows 2003 Server, Network Infrastructure, Directory Services, Windows XP
  • CCNA
  • CCNP
  • Microsoft SQL / Server Management
  • Oracle Management Server
  • Solid SQL
  • Project management
  • Financial management
  • ITIL Practitioner / Manager
  • ASL Practitioner
  • System Administration
  • Application integration
  • Personal effectiveness
  • IT LAW (Netherlands)
  • Software Architecture
  • Computer systems

2000:                   CompTIA A + Certification / IT Professional Member
1999:                   Compaq ACT, Servicing, Communications Servers
1999:                   CNE, Networking Technologies, course 575 (not rounded)
1999:                   Microsoft Networking Essentials
1993:                   Practice Diploma in Informatics (PDI), MG1
1981-1986:         MAVO (C / D), School Duinzigt Oestgeest (The Netherlands)
                             Subjects: Dutch, English, History, Geography, Mathematics, Chemistry



May 1, 2021 - Oct 1, 2021 :  Infrastructure Engineer at Teleknowledge Call Center Solutions - Haarlem
Responsable for entire Datacenters Infrastructure.

  • Firewall’s : Fortigate & PfSense
  • Switches HPE/Aruba & 3Com
  • VMware 6.7
  • Windows 2016-2019 server
  • Ubuntu Linux server hosting Asterisk platform
  • Migration of one of DC’s from older hardware to new.
  • Datacenter re-wiring. Color coding.
  • Creating documentation and layouts.

Nov 1. 2019 – Jul 2020 : Network engineer/consultant at Peopleware – Schiphol-Rijk
Project customer : VBH – IT specialist (Network/Security engineer)

  • Design to customer wishes of two perimeter UTM Firewall setup on super yacht.
  • Configuration of Palo Alto cluster (2e perimeter)
  • Configuration of Sophos UTM cluster (1e perimeter)
  • Multicast walk through of Cisco switches based on IGMP instead of PIM


Feb 1, 2018 – Nov. 2019 : Network and Security Engineer at Cygnific B.V. Amsterdam.
One of the two Network & Security engineers within Cygnific.

The core business of this company is Call center activities, mainly aviation, across 4 own locations.
2 in the Netherlands, 1 in the UK and 1 in the Philippines. Plus 2 co-locations.
Duties are maintaining and improve the entire network across all the locations and datacenter(s).
Network infrastructure must be H.A. and high standard because of the voice quality.PCI-DSS (NAC)
AlienVault, Checkpoint FW, InfoBlox, Ubiquiti, Wachtguard FW, IPVPN, L2 WAN, Multicast, QoS, WiFi

  • Datacenter split (Twin DC setup) Networking (Design/Build) (two perimeter setup)
    Check Point (1e) & USG XG(2e) Technical PM/Architect
  • Server/Storage renewal (Network design/build) Technical PM/Architect
  • Telephony renewal (Network design/build) Technical PM/Architect
  • New locations network based on Ubiquiti (redundant USG;s)/Cisco Merak.i Technical PM/Architect

Nov 1, 2008 - present : IT/ITP Consultant at "ICT and Me" Leiderdorp

ICT services to SMB environments up to 45 to 50 systems. Management of various systems and networks for SMB customers. Investigation of problems, advise on ICT/VoIP solutions for the customer.
Maintain own servers (VMware ESX (i)/Xenserver / Microsoft / Linux / Asterisk (Operator/Elastix)).
Working according ITIL standards. (Standard procedure in the Netherlands)

Kerio Certified Reseller (Connect / Control / Operator / Workspace), DB servers MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle 11G
Supporting and fall back admin for a High School with appr. 1400 users (students and staff).
Freelance IT projects Small Medium and Larger Enterprises

Projects / Freelance projects:

  • 1 Oct 2021 – Current
    • Customer:Teleknowledge Call Center Solutions
    • Function :
    • Location :
    • Duties:
      • Firewall’s : Fortigate & PfSense
      • Switches HPE/Aruba & 3Com
      • Migration of one of DC’s from older hardware to new.
      • Datacenter re-wiring. Color coding.
      • Creating documentation and layouts.
  • 24 Augst 2016 – 22 Febr. 2017 (End of freelance contract)
    (Worked as Hyva Staff member 6 month contract. Ending 22 Augst. 2017)
    • Customer: HYVA
    • Function: Infrastructure & Security engineer/consultant
    • Project time: 6 months freelance planned
    • Team: Variable (worldwide)
    • Location: South Holland
      Work location: Alphen aan den Rijn
    • Project duties
      • Maintain current 130+ Microsoft/Linux Servers / 12+ VMware ESX nodes EMEA
        Network infrastructure
        Rest of the world for escalation purpose.
      • Re-design single network/wifi in VLAN based network (Global) project.
      • Roll-out Meraki firewalls (Global) project.
      • Design Naming Convention (Global) project.
      • Datacenter movement Netherlands and Asia project.
      • Creating specific monitoring for L2/L3 devices.
      • Planning renewing the storage/server infra in the datacenters.
      • Temporary Teamleader
  • Dec 2015 – April 2016
    • Customer: APM Terminals
    • Function: Technical Integration Specialist)
    • Project time: 4 months
    • Team: Variable
    • Location: South Holland
      Work location: The Hague
    • Project duties
      • Solving problems and stabilize proxy server WinGate
      • Create drawings of reverse proxy/proxy settings including Cisco firewall ACL
      • Write procedure for maintaining and changes.
      • Formalize requirements for new solution based on ADC product.
      • Examine the ACL rules of the Cisco ASA to find inconsistency
  • May – August 2015
    • Customer: Nuon - Vattenfall
    • Function : Network Engineer
    • Project time : 4 month
    • Team : 25 ext/8 int.
    • Location: North Holland (The Netherlands) HQ
      Work location : Office Amsterdam / DC Hamburg
    • Project duties
      • Managing routing and rules for in housing project
      • Devices Cisco ASA, Checkpoint Firewall, F5 Loadbalancer
      • Netflow monitoring with Observium
  • May – Dec 2014
    • Customer: Seabed Geosolutions B.V.
    • Function : IT Consultant (Network Engineer)
    • Project time : 8 months
    • Team : Variable (worldwide)
    • Location: South Holland (The Netherlands) HQ
      Work location : Global offices and Vessels, mainly office Netherlands
    • Project duties
      • Design Infrastructure Global offices and Vessels
      • Build Infrastructure Global offices and Vessels
      • Maintain Infrastructure Global offices and Vessels
      • Devices : Cisco Catalyst 2960, 3500, AP260x  
        HP ProCurve, Dell PowerConnect, Juniper firewall, Cisco Wireless
      • Internet lines by land and satellite connections.
      • IP Telephony (Cisco CM) Global offices and Vessels
      • Microsoft, Citrix, Linux and VMware admin.
      • PRTG Netflow/The Dude Monitoring
      • UCS MS-Lync, Bleujeans Video.
  • March – May 2014
    • Customer : Municipality Rijswijk – The Netherlands
    • Function : IT Consultant (System/Network Engineer)
    • Team : Variable
    • Location : South Holland  (The Netherlands)
    • Project duties
      • System admin on Linux/Novell OES/Microsoft
      • Infra admin on VMware/HP EVA
      • Network admin HP/H3W/Astaro (Sophos)/Watchguard
      • Nagios monitoring
  • August 2013
    • Customer : Albeda College / ATOS
    • Function : IT Consultant (WiFi Specialist)
    • Team : 2 WiFi
    • Location : South Holland
    • Project duties
      • Check existing HP AP configuration (PMO)
      • Advise optimization WiFi AP (FMO)
      • After optimization making WiFI heat scan.
  • 1 week Feb 2013
    • Customer : Women shelter
    • Function: IT Consultant
    • Team : 1 staff member
    • Staff : between 65-70 people
    • Location : South Holland
    • Project duties:
      • Migration plan
      • Update ESXi servers from 3.5 to 5.1
      • Migration MS Windows 2003r2 domain/server to Windows 2008r2.
      • Some Windows servers replaced by Ubuntu servers. (Mail & MySQL)
      • Workstations migration from XP to Windows 7.
      • Office 2003 to 2010.
  • 2013-2015
    • Customer: Microsoft partner Software Development company
    • Function : IT Consultant
    • Location : Netherlands
    • Team : Everybody has knowledge of IT
    • Staff : Unknown in total
    • Server : 1x VMware server, 7 Virtual servers
    • Project duties:
      • Design, building and maintain DTAP environment based on one VMware ESXi server.
        • MS Windows 2008r2
        • MS-SQL server
        • MS Exchange 2010
        • MS IIS and MS Sharepoint
        • MS Windows 7 to make remote work possible.
        • Remote Desktop Server (With development programs, office 2013/365)
        • Monitoring server
        • Firewall/Router on FDDI (Fiberglass)
        • NEC IP Telephony
  • Feb 2012 (one week)
    • Customer : Holding with several various companies
    • Function : IPT Consultant
    • Team : -
    • Staff : Unknown in total
    • Location : HQ, Mobile locations, Home Offices, off-site branch offices
    • Project duties
      • Design of Asterisk based IP-PBX Kerio Operator. VoIP
      • Installation on VMware based system and upgrade ESXi to version 5.0
      • IVR/Recording/Multi DID/Off-site IP Phone/Softphones/CTI on iMAC’s
  • April 2011 (one week)
    • Customer : Law firm
    • Function : IT/IPT Consultant
    • Team : -
    • Staff : 8
    • Location : One office in Leiden
    • Project duties
      • Design of Firewall and Asterisk based IP-PBX
      • Installation VMware server 4.01
      • Installation Firewall (Kerio Control) with redundant WAN/Internet
      • Installation IP-PBX ( Kerio Operator) VoIP
      • Firewall: Routing, VPN, VLAN, Traffic rules, Fail-over
      • IP-PBX: IVR/Recording/SIP Trunking/Queues/By-pass
      • Installation Transmitter to support 6 DECT phones
  • May 2011
    • Customer : Company in Safety education
    • Placing agency : Lectio
    • Function : FT Application
    • Team : 4
    • Staff : Unknown
    • Location : Den Haag
    • Project duties
      • Maintain several applications based on
        • MySQL
        • MS SQL
        • MS Access
        • MS Navision
      • Support the service desk on system and network level
      • VB/VBS scripting/programming between applications
  • Nov 2008 – march 2011
    • Customer : Women shelter
    • Function : IT Consultant (System/network & Application)
    • Team : -
    • Staff : around 65
    • Location : South Holland
    • Servers: 2x VMware ESXi 3.5, 2x Barebone (backup purpose), NAS, 14 Virtual servers
    • Project duties
      • Writing migration advise and plan according ISO certification
      • Migrate MS Server 2000 to 2003 server farm & network.
      • Migrate to 2x VMware ESX (i) environments.
      • Redundant Domain Controller
      • Redundant Internet with failover
      • Migrate from Exchange to other brand Mailserver
      • Firewall replacement
      • DMZ environments for wireless internet access clients (WiFi)
      • Implementation Backup service on two barebones. One off-site location.
      • Writing procedures (ITIL based)
      • Maintaining, troubleshooting, monitoring, support.

05 Mar ‘12 – Augst 2014: Managing Partner at Escene Europe  Leiderdorp
Part of ICT and Me. (Brand name.)
Distributor of IP Phones made by manufacture Escene Communication Technology Co., Ltd.  Guangzhou (PRC)
Sole Distributor for Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Channel Distributor Europe/Branch Office
Testing/Tested Escene IP Phones with following IP-PBX software: 3CX, Bicom Systems, Axeos, etc

15 jan ‘08 to 29 Augst ‘08: Sr. Technical Consultant at WHY?! Service Group to Zoeterwoude Rijndijk
(Sr. System & Network Administrator) (Team 3 members, Sr, Md, Jr)
Management of various systems and networks for SMB customers. Investigation of problems, advise on solutions for the customer.
Setting up and managing co-location data center server racks based on VMware ESX / Windows. Manage Asterisk (VoIP) servers for clients.
Working according ITIL standards. WiFi Hotspot and beam installations. Worked with Cisco ASA & Netopia Routers. HP & Cisco switches.

15 Augst ‘07 to 14 jan ‘08: Technical Consultant at Connexus Holland BV (Intradesk Data Center)  in Rotterdam
(Sr. System & Network Administrator) (6 Servicedesk, 4 teams of 3 Consultants Jr., Md., Sr.)
Management of various systems and network for national/international customers. Research problems and recommend solutions for customers.
Managing  Company Data Center Infrastucture, Servers, Networks, Consolidation of customer servers in the DC and re-arranging network infrastructure.
Server Citrix and MS-Terminal (RD) Servers. Managing Microsoft and Novell environments of customers. Establish monitoring infrastructure using open source. 
Working according ITIL  standards and registration tool Kaseya. Worked with Cisco routers, firewalls and switches. HP Switches in the datacenter.
Reasonable for one of the four consultants teams.

Mei ’07 to 14 Augst ‘07 : Temporary by Unique UZB in Alphen aan den Rijn

  • (May 2007 to 31 Augst 2007): Head (Sr) Administration / ICT Jungheinrich NL in Alphen a / d Rijn (Team 3 members)
    Controling Systems Division / ICT. Management of MS Windows environment.
    User administration, Troubleshoot. Setting up projects (online backup, infrastructure adaptation WAN, WLAN, EDGE / UMTS)
    (last weeks through Connexus). Cisco switches and firewall/routers

Dec ‘06 - Apr ‘07 : System Administrator (Novell / Windows) Youth Care Agency Amsterdam
Management of Novell / MS Windows (NT4/200x), Citrix (presentation)/MS-Terminal environment.
Responsible as ITIL / Project Manager (Change / Standard / Incident) for controlling of the 2nd line activities, in consultation with the 1st line coordinator.
Working with ITIL tooling software Topdesk and according ITIL standards (Team 4x Admin, 3x 1e/3x 2e Service)

June 06 - Nov ‘06 : Sr. System & Network Engineer at Santander Consumer Finance/ Banco Santander (Team 2. Sr. & Jr.)
Management of Windows 200x environment. SQL and Exchange.
User administration, Troubleshoot. Responsible for operational team.
Co-designing newly constructed infrastructure and server room.
In addition, light management of AS/400 and firewall management. Information systems serving applications were interconnected AS/400 <-> Windows systems (MS-SQL MySQL).
ITIL standards and tooling TrackIT. Worked here with 3Com, HP, Cisco switches & firewalls/routers

Dec ‘04 - Mar ‘06 : Sr. System at 't Lange Land Hospital in Zoetermeer (5x Admin, 1x service)
Management of MS NT4, Windows 2000 & 2003 environment. SQL and Exchange.
User administration, logs retrace, MS Access database for writing departments.
Technical manager's specific application, Workplace image (ghost).
Exchange migrated from 5.5 to 2003. Webmail Server made.
Migrate NT4 systems to Windows 2003 Servers.
In addition, light management Novell 6, light management UNIX (HP-UX) and firewall management.
All information systems were linked. HP-UX dBase <-> Microsoft (DWH) <-> Novell <-> Oracle DB
ITIL standards and tooling Topdesk. Watchguard firewall admin.

Mar ‘04 - Nov ‘04 : Sr. System Administrator at MEE Utrecht in Utrecht. (2x Admin (Md./Sr.), 1 Appl.adm.
Management of MS-Windows 2000 environment with Terminal Servers, Citrix, SQL, Oracle and Exchange. Terminal client from Compaq (HP) and Neoware.
PC based systems with Remote Desktop connection. Also management of fixed and mobile telephony.
Plant Expansion Project developed and implemented. Liaising with external parties regarding telephony and ICT related issues.
Was responsible for the ICT team. HP Switches and Lucent Brick Firewall

April ‘01 - March ‘04 : (Sr.) System Administrator at Visser 't Hooft Lyceum in Leiden area (Team 4x fixed)
Management of network under MS-Windows 2000 and Novell 3.2/4.11/5.0
Designing and installing complete MS-Windows 2000 environment. Migrate Novell to Server 2000 environment.
Wireless Project VHL (point to point connection) conceived and executed with the team.
Purchasing ICT hardware and software related. Created the working guide. Responsible for the IT department.
IT Proposals towards the management. Links of various student tracking systems on the various locations to one main system.
Implemented ITIL procedures as guidelines. 3Com, HP, Netgear switches & Cisco Switches, Concentrators & firewall/routers.

Jan ‘00 – Dec ‘ 00 : IT work for Tempo Team Flex, including:

  • (Jan ‘00 - Mar ‘00) : 2nd line Support at the Kon. Air Force in The Hague (Royal Dutch Air Force HQ)
  • (May ‘00 - Sep ‘00) : System Administrator (NT) at Omni Data in Leidschendam.
    Migrate Customers NT4 servers/domains to Windows 2000 Servers/ADS

Sept ‘97 - Dec ‘99 : Field Service Engineer at Triple P Services Vianen
Tasks: to repair, install and configure PCs, notebooks and servers to clients on site and also to troubleshoot network problems.
Deputy call screening and dispatcher. Working according procedures that looks similar too ITIL and with registration tool C.I.S. (Call Information System).
4 month project done by KLM (Airport Amsterdam)

Nov ‘88 - Aug ‘97 : Employee Assembly & Technical Services, Assistant Head Assembly (Work Floor Manager – Team 25+ people), Assistant Warehouse Manager at Laser Computer Europe BV Zoeterwoude Rijndijk

Nov ´86 - Nov ´88 : Various non IT jobs


Driving license:    A / B (International)

Languages:          Dutch, English, German, 2012 learn Chinese (Mandarin)

Hobbies:              Ballroom/latin dancing, photography, electronics and ham radio


Other Activities

Jan ´94 - Sept ´04 : Worked as a freelance IT specialist (system administrator)
For various NVM Real Estate Agents in Leiden region. This complete ICT solution developed,
implemented with or in collaboration with Getronics ICT property.

IT/ICT Experience

Hardware Experience:

  • From 8086 (XT Turbo) / 8088 Series until the present Intel DC/QS/XEON and AMD CPU’s
  • Install and test add-on cards or drives
  • Printers (HP, Epson, OKI, Kyocera, etc. ....)
  • Laptop's, Notebooks, Netbooks and Tablets of various brands
  • DAS/NAS/SAN & DVD/CDROM servers of various brands
  • Various Wireless & Wired LAN / WAN products
    • WatchGuard / Netscreen (Juniper)/ Cisco ASA Firewall/Check Point/Sophos/Pala Alto/OPNense/PFsense
    • Various routers (Netopia, Telindus (Arescom), SpeedTouch, ZyXEL, Mikrotik and Draytek)
    • Various Switches (managed/unmanaged/VLAN/PoE)
    • Various Wifi (Cisco,Aruba, Meraki, HP, Ubiquiti Unifi,Huawei Mikrotik, etc...)
  • IP Phones (Escene, Cisco, Linksys, Yealink, SNOM, etc..)


Software Experience:

  • Windows 3.xx (for Workgroups), Windows '95 / 98, Windows NT3.51 / NT4 / 2xxx series, XP, Vista, Win 7
  • Microsoft Exchange 2000.2003, 2007 & 2010
  • PowerShell used in most Windows 2008, 2012 & Exchange environments
  • Kerio Connect (server), Control (Firewall), Operator (Asterisk) and WorkSpace
  • VMware ESX (i) 3.x, 4.x & 5.x and Workstation plus tools
  • MS-DOS v3.3 to v6.22
  • Novell Netware 2.11 and 3.xx (4.11 bit), 5.x & 6.x (incl. Groupwise)
  • Linux Suse 10, CentOS, Ubuntu WS / SRV, LinuxFX, OpenBSD, NetBSD and slight knowledge of HP-UX
  • IP-PBX : Asterisk/Elastix/Kerio Operator (moderate/experience), 3CX (moderate/experience), VoIPNOW (moderate /experience).
  • MikroTek router/WiFi software.
  • MikroTek tool: The Dude (monitoring WiFI, LAN, WAN connections)
  • Wireshark IP/TCP/UDP networking monitoring sniffer
  • Monitoring systems: PRTG, Nagios.Solarwinds Netflow, Observium
  • Spotlight for Windows and other Spotlight versions & Xangati for Hypervisor
  • AS/400, very light experience (management)
  • ArcServe software for both NT and Novell
  • Educational software (aimed courses)
  • ACAD 2002
  • Symantec / Veritas Backup Exec 10.x and earlier
  • School Vision (made with Navision)
  • Lotus Notes (Light experience)
  • ITIL Support tools : Topdesk, TrackIT, Hesk, Sysaid
  • Xafax (Paid printing system used on school)
  • Several versions of MS-SQL Server & Oracle
  • Scripting Powershell, Batch, Kix, Shell, VBs, etc
  • Qlik View (Personal)
  • OwnCloud, NAS4Free, FreeNAS


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